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May 092011

During the next day or two I’ll be upgrading Harmless Sky’s software and design, so things may look a bit weird at times. For instance it will take time to get all the plugins - like recent comments and comment preview - up and running again under the new configuration, and these things seldom go without a hitch or two.

This is a very necessary task that I’ve been putting off for ages, and the end result should be a fresher, more stable, and more up-to-date site. There will also be with more bells and whistles that a younger generation of surfers expect, which will increase it’s outreach, plus more efficient behind-the-scenes operation and maintenance.

Update: Thursday 12th May 2006

The software upgrade is posing a few more problems than expected, which is entirely my own fault for leavidg it so long before moving to a newer version. It will probably be tomorrow before things get back to normal.

With the redoubtable John A of Climate Audit  fame very kindly looking over my shoulder, I should get there in the end.

10 Responses to “Blog Software Upgrade”

  1. 1
    John A Says:

    This blog looks so much better and it’s faster and easier to maintain. Congratulations on the upgrade and kudos to the wordpress developers.

    [TonyN says: Don't speak too soon! I haven't finished setting up the theme yet. But kudos to the %$%$£ who nudged me into upgrading and then fielded the silly questions when things went wrong]

  2. 2
    Pascvaks Says:

    So far, soooo good. Best to ya!

    [TonyN; Thanks!]

  3. 3
    peter geany Says:

    OK so how does my mugshot make it way into my comments. By the way I echo the previous comments

    [TonyN: That's puzzeling me too. I'm still looking for the button that says 'Turn off gravatars".]

  4. 4
    clivere Says:

    I guess its just me but I find the light grey font used to display the “Recent Comments”, Links etc to be unreadable against the white background to an extent I have to highlight each comment to be able to read it.

    [TonyN: Thanks for the feedback. Is anyone else having this problem?]

  5. 5
    peter geany Says:

    I’m OK with the light grey. I would say it will have a bit to do with your monitor and type of graphics adaptor.

  6. 6
    John A Says:

    I agree with “Clivere”. The light grey for the comments and links is too light. I would recommend a darker grey or even blue or red as an alternative.

    [TonyN: I've made it darker. Better?]

  7. 7
    tonyb Says:

    I agree that the lght grey of ‘Recent comments’ and ‘links’ is a little difficult to read. Also the ‘leave a reply’ section is misaligned according to my monitor e.g ‘name required’ does not align with the box.

    Also your blog remains the only one that does not remember my details so I have to fill it in each time.
    Other than that it all looks very nice.


  8. 8
    clivere Says:

    Tony – A bit better in that I can now just about read it but would still prefer it to be a bit darker.

    I recognise the cosmetic need for a contrast against the main darker text but readibility is more important.

  9. 9
    TonyN Says:

    tonyb and clivere

    I’ve made the sidebar text even darker, but I suggest that you might review the contrast setting on your monitors. The one that I used when designing the HS theme was accurately calibrated with specialist hardware and software and the type shows up well on that.


    So far as I know your contact details for this blog should be stored on your machine in a cookie. Check that you don’t have cookies switched off or that this site is excluded from leaving cookies. It is most unlikely, I think, that the problem is with the HS server, but John A would know far better than I if he is around.

    The mangled comment form headers are the result of conflict with a plugin and this problem is on my ‘to do’ list.

  10. 10
    tonyb Says:


    The side bar has now completely disappeared so the ‘latest comments’ and the thread subject does not appear at all.

    Cookies are enabled but as I say HS has ALWAYS been the only site which does not store my details automatically, which I must say I find a useful feature.


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