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Jun 022011


I’m trying to track down the bug reported by TonyB and Peter Geany which prevents the widgets (Recent Comments etc) showing in the right hand sidebar for those using some versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Things may look a bit odd for an hour or two as I remove element of the page to try and isolate the culprit.


Update 02/06/2011 15:30

That seems to have fixed the  problem for me except that the categories drop-down is not sized correctly. I would be grateful for feedback from someone using Internet Explorer. Can you see items like Recent comment and Categories in the right hand sidebar now?

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    Alex Cull Says:

    Hi TonyN, just to say that I’ve had a go with Internet Explorer 7 (my default is Chrome) and all the items like Recent Comments, Categories, Archives etc., are appearing perfectly and as normal.

    [TonyN: Thanks Alex]

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    peter geany Says:

    TonyN IE 6 still has some issues with sizing of the boxes to the right, but people should not be using it so wouldn’t worry too much. I haven’t got IE7 anywhere, (default for vista) but IE 8 works just fine and only has the issue that chrome has with the wording not fitting in the box where you type your name and email address. I tried IE9 on my home machines last night and it was also fine apart from the issue above.

    [TonyN: Thanks Peter. I'm trying to find a fix for the comment form personal info box problem at the moment. Then, with luck, the widget box sizing problem can be dealt with fairly easily.]

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    tonyb Says:

    Thats better. The comments from PeterM remain just as poor however-can’t yoiu get something to fix them? :)


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