Nov 222011

(I’ve been waiting to post this since mid-afternoon, but the site has been down. Very frustrating)

There is a very big story breaking at WUWT and JefId’s.

Apparently another 5000 Climategate emails have been released on the net, with 220,000 more (yep! I counted the noughts) being withheld meantime.

From what I can see of the snippets that are floating around already, they look genuine, but these excerpts are very short and obviously lacking context, so it would be a mistake to read too much into them.

Since the last time this happened, a scandal over telephone hacking by Rupert Murdoch owned newspapers has broken in the UK. The establishment had little trouble whipping up a full-scale judge-led inquiry complete with a barrister to ask witness giving evidence under oath difficult questions in next to no time. Could this have been in order to ensure that the focus of attention remains on telephone hacking rather than on awkward questions about how political parties have courted, and curried favour with, the Murdochs for decades?.

If this really is Climategate2, then the blogosphere should do whatever is necessary to ensure that the same the establishment cannot avoid exerting the same degree of diligence in establishing just what is happening in the climate science community. That includes legal direct action.

This time there has to be a proper judicial enquiry, and it has to have access to everything on UK bases mail servers that could possibly be relevant to the way climate science, and the IPCC process, is being practiced this country.

7 Responses to “Another miracle, or a damp squib?”

  1. When will the BBC begins to report this on their broadcast media? So far nothing on the PM programme, R4 News at 6pm, or BBC1 News at 10pm, yet Google News now yields nearly 300 hits on the story.

    Richard Black has a disgraceful bit of warmist PR on the website here, but why the hold-up with breaking the news on the rest of Auntie’s output?

  2. Here’s why the BBC is too frightened to open too wide this Pandora’s box.

  3. I have not seen or heard anything filter through to the ABC yet. Did a Google and couldn’t find anything there either, or on SBS. A bunch of Oz blogs and newspapers, e.g. Andrew Bolt of course, but nothing on the national broadcasters.

  4. BBC2 Newsnight on Tuesday 22nd Nov had a brief item about CG2, with Gavin Esler referring to “leaks” and Susan Watts calling it a “hack”. Susan Watts also spoke to Michael Mann over the phone, who described the emails as revealing “the back and forth of scientists wrestling with scientific issues” and “frank discussions that are really important to the advancement of science”. On the question of whether scientists were getting too much involved in policy, Mann had this to say:

    The attacks against science gain the upper hand in the public discourse and considerations of policy if scientists aren’t there to defend their science and to defend themselves against these attacks. And sometimes that means getting involved in the public discourse, directly.

    Susan Watts then talked very briefly about the message about world poverty that was appended to the CG2 emails: “Now I think the police will be very interested in that message, and doing some computer forensics to see if they can learn any more clues about who was involved in that original hack”.

  5. Dream on waiting for a judge led inquiry. No suprise it’s being buried by the LSM and UK gov. That would be just too much loss of face for the establishment.

    The best we can hope for is a continuation of the slow rowing back from damaging alarmist policies which is now taking place. I think the bruising politicians have been getting over rising energy bills will help to focus their minds.

    With another damp squib in Durban, a continued plateau in temperatures and sea-levels, and the public more concerned about the sovereign debt crisis, nuclear tensions between Iran & Israel, and Islamic extremism sweeping the Middle East – for politicians to be scaremongering about a non-existent warming just makes them look stupid.

  6. So you think that so-called Climategate was a miracle? I don’t think so. Miracles may change water in to wine, but “climategate” didn’t change anything. The anti-science crowd were largely ideologically driven right wing types before Nov 2009 and they are still largely ideologically driven right wing types afterwards.

    Son of climategate 2011? Still born I’m afraid. Not even enough life to be called a damp squib.

  7. Peter, I think that in the title of this post, Tony was actually asking a question rather than announcing a miracle; also you’re perhaps being a little uncharitable for writing off CG2 completely as a damp squib. True, these latest emails are not likely to directly and immediately change the minds of the vast majority of people, most of whom will never read them, or cure the world of the great climate scare (if anything, it will be the ongoing financial crunch that will probably do that.)

    But the value of the CG2 emails is this – they reveal, in absolute brutal clarity the mindset of the small group who, between them, have set the world’s climate science agenda. Their sheer arrogance – and we can also detect hints of the stark uncertainties and terrors that lie beneath it – is on display, for those who have eyes to see and a brain to comprehend. Let me ask you this – why on Earth would a group of scientists – or indeed a bunch of people in any other sphere of life – who had true confidence in their findings and the courage of their convictions, need to behave in this consistently appalling and peculiar manner? I don’t behave like this in my workplace, and I’m sure you don’t (or didn’t?) either – but if we did, what would this say about the work we were doing?

    I could write more, but instead will direct you to today’s excellent and timely post by Geoff, which provides a perfect example of the “Team” mentality.

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