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Bypass WelTAG Report

Transport projects promoted or funded by the Welsh Government are required to comply with the Welsh Government Transport Planning and Appraisal Guidance (WelTAG). This report, compiled by Gwynedd Council’s consultant Ymgynghoriaeth Gwynedd Consultancy(YGC), is supposed to demonstrate that Gwynedd Council has complied with the guidelines, but in fact it shows that with respect to sec 11 of WelTAG, which deals with consultation, they have failed to do so.

The Llanbedr Bypass Proposal – lack of consultation

A summary of information obtained from Gwynedd Council under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 showing their bypass plan was finalised without proper consultation with the community as reqired by WelTAG.

Will a bypass increase flood risk?

Natural Resource Wales’ (NRW) has concerns about flooding associated with the bypass.

Economic Impact Assessment

This report is most notable for its inaccuracy. For instance the authors do not even seem to know what businesses exist in the village at the moment. It also covers the potential impact of drone development taking place at the airfield and locating the UK Spaceport there.

Flood risk in the area of the River Artro food plain and estuary

An extract from the Shoreline Management Plan describing the uncertainties relating to flood risk and the on the line of the proposed bypass. It also suggests that projected rising sea levels, and protection of internationally designated habitats, will make it impossible to prevent flooding of the exiting road to the airfield,  a problem that the bypass will, of course, do nothing to alleviate.

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