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The Queen’s Speech of 21st June 2017  is expected to include legislation to regulate  space flight in the UK that the  government hopes to get through parliament during the next two years. If they succeed, then this will pave the way for the development of spaceports, and Llanbedr is on the short list of possible sites:

Queen’s Speech: Government to announce plans for commercial space flights and ports for spaceships

The Independent Online, 20th June 2017

ON THE HORIZON: Space travel set to take off as Government unveils plans to build ‘rocket ports’ around the country in the Queen’s Speech

The Sun, 19th June 2017



A  row has blown up between the operators Llanbedr airfield and the Shell Island holiday centre over the  long established emergency access to the camp site during high tides over the airfield.

Shell Island future ‘uncertain’ after emergency access row- BBC

… and you can help by signing their petition here:

SAVE SHELL ISLAND! Maintain high tide emergency services access.


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