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Well the good news is that two vacancies on the council have been filled by Caroline Evans  and Robin  Ward.

Caroline, whose family home is Plas Gwynfryn, has a first class honours degree in industrial management from Nottingham University and Robin, who has lived in the village with his Welsh wife for over thirty years, has a first class honours degree in physics  from Aberystwyth University and was head of Radiological Protection, Environment, and Emergency Planning at Trawsfynydd nuclear power station.  So they have quite a range of skills that they can contribute public affairs in Llanbedr.

With plans for a bypass and a spaceport signalling the biggest change that Llanbedr has faced since the bridge over the River Artro was built some 400 years ago, they would seem to have just the kind of skills to bring some kind of sanity to the Community Councils deliberations on such matters. With luck they may also be able to undo some of the harm that has been done by the  council’s appalling failure to keep the rest of us informed about these plans and act as a conduit for the views of both those who welcome these developments and those who wish to oppose them.

Whatever happens it looks like an end, for a time at least, to the cosy behind the scenes maneuverings, and out of sight deliberations,  of the same old crowd of councillors that has been the hallmark of this body for as long as anyone can remember.

For instance, it has long been rumoured that there is one member of the community council who is opposed to a bypass, but who is too shy to let this be known publicly. Quite how you can reconcile such self effacement with the role of a councillor is a mystery given the duty to ensure that all shades of opinion in the community are fairly represents that goes with the job. So it is good to know that there will now be at least one person on the council who is against a bypass, and doesn’t care who knows it.

In terms of local democracy Llanbedr style, that really could be a game changer.

2 thoughts on “Community Council non-election

  1. We feel that it’s disgraceful you have stooped to this level of abuse with unfounded claims and allegations regarding the local councillors at least they are prepared to put their face to any issues addressed while you hide behind your keyboard and pamphlets of lies with half truths . What about the good these people have brought to the village i.e new village hall .

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  2. Hi Gwen. As a newly appointed Community Councillor I hope to be able to provide a bit more information to the community than has hitherto been the case but as you will know it’s not always easy to reach hundreds of people.. I’m sure that all of my colleagues on the Council have the community’s best interest at heart although of course we don’t always agree on everything! Out of interest what are the lies you refer to on the “pamphlet” and which pamphlet are you referring to? I am told that Protect Llanbedr is being very careful to try to only state well researched facts so if they’ve got it wrong it would be nice to know.

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