Llanbedr Spaceport approved?

Blogs get sent stuff, and you have to make up your own mind what to believe. Here’s a pretty good example:

*************STOP PRESS***************


It has been announced that the UK Government has decided that the country’s first spaceport shall be licenced at Llanbedr in Gwynedd.

However because of its location in a protected National Park some conditions have been attached to the licence.

  1. To ensure that the peace of the National Park is preserved, which is a legal requirement, all space flights shall be powered entirely by electricity. In order to provide adequate supplies of electricity the Government has also announced that a new nuclear reactor will be built at the former Magnox reactor site at Trawsfynydd and the two sites, which together form the Snowdonia Enterprise Zone, will be linked by an underground tunnel carrying the cables.
  2. The operators of the spaceport shall not be permitted to enter land currently used as holiday centres at Shell Island and Dyffryn Ardudwy. In addition because of the potential for a spacecraft to fail on take-off, all persons at these centres shall be issued with free hard hats and told to stay in their tents or caravans during launches. This is a belt and braces approach as it is expected that only 1 in 10 space flights will fail and break up. As an extra precaution the Government has contracted the head of North Korea’s rocket programme as an adviser as he has recent experience of failed take-offs and can recommend suitable counter-measures.
  3. To ensure jobs created are taken by locals the working language at the spaceport shall be Welsh and no other language shall be allowed to be used on site.
  4. Before each flight the operators shall clear the sky of all bats and birds to a height of 1 mile and a radius of 5 miles. No creature shall be harmed.

Speaking at the Assembly in Cardiff, the First Minister is reported to have said that these conditions make him look stupid for suggesting Llanbedr as a suitable location for a spaceport and that his preferred option is to scrap the National Park altogether. The local MP, AM and County Councillor all agreed. The Community Council remained silent so as not to upset anyone.

Speaking in Washington DC the US president is reported to have said that any potential launch site is a threat to the USA and he will take military action if necessary to close the site down.

Meanwhile the Foreign Secretary is reported to be planning which European cities could be under the flight path from Llanbedr.

**************END OF NEWS RELEASE***************



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